About Chera

Chera Humble beginning

Welcome to Chera Patisserie (Chera's)

Where Sweet Dreams Come to Life!
At Chera's, we are not just in the business of baking; we are in the business of crafting joy, one scrumptious cookie at a time.
Cheras’ baking journey began in the heart of Kenya, where a young girl's love for baking sparked a lifelong passion. It all started with a humble banana cake and a dash of creativity.
Armed with the knowledge of heat conductivity from science class, she conjured up a makeshift oven - proving that determination and imagination can conquer any obstacle.
This experience gave Chera the almost magical power of flour, sugar, and butter with a dash of love, which we yearn to share with the world.

We understand that cake is more than just a dessert; it's a conduit for connection, a vessel for celebration, and a source of smiles.

Thank you for choosing Chera Patisserie as your go-to bakery for life's special moments.

We understand that every occasion is unique and deserves a touch of sweetness that's as individual as you are.

Together, we will make memories that are as sweet as our cookies!